safetyThe welfare and safety of our students and staff members at St. Joseph’s Academy is of utmost importance. We have taken every reasonable measure to ensure that SJA is a safe and secure place to learn and work. Measures designed to protect our school community include:

  • Surveillance video monitors strategically located throughout school facilities and grounds
  • Automated electronic door locks Screening of visitors via check in and visitors’ badges
  • Comprehensive background checks on all faculty, staff and subcontractors, and parents who wish to volunteer at the school
  • All volunteer and visitors must check in at the office and are issued a badge for permission to be in certain areas of the campus based on their reason for visiting.
  • Safe Environment Training is required of all faculty, staff, and parent volunteers.
  • Comprehensive crisis management and emergency preparedness plan
  • Faculty and staff wear identification at all times
  • Emergency preparedness training of all faculty and staff