SJAF logo.jpg 2018

SJA Foundation was incorporated in 1979. In 1991, Pastor John P. Caulfield had a vision to use the Foundation as the source of raising funds for students to receive a quality catholic education at St. Joseph Academy. Fr. Caulfield masterminded along with local businesses, parishioners, volunteers, and parents the 1st Annual St. Joseph’s Academy Foundation Golf Tournament. This Signature Event has evolved into a significant source of income for Scholarships, materials, technology labs, sports, and needed expenses of our Academy.

The business men and women that make up the St. Joseph Academy Foundation are committed to the long-term sustainability of St. Joseph Academy and providing scholarship assistance for children that otherwise would not be able to receive a private, Catholic education.

The SJA Foundation has initiated its most progressive and far reaching program to date.  Starting now, SJA Foundation will pay up to 40% of the tuition of any student who attends not only St. Joseph Academy, but also Santa Fe Catholic High School.  This scholarship will be available to each and every child from St. Joseph Parish Lakeland so long as:

  • The children and their families are members of the St. Joseph’s Parish Lakeland
  • They attend Mass regularly (families must use envelopes for tithing).
  • They are active participants in the Parish or its ministries

If the child and/or the family meet these requirements, the SJA Foundation will provide the scholarship regardless of the family financial needs.

This is just the start.  As a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation, our goal is to generate and raise sufficient funds and revenue so that eventually the Foundation will be able to provide a scholarship that pays up to 100% of the tuition for all our Parish children who seek a Catholic education and who want to attend St. Joseph Academy Lakeland or Santa Fe Catholic High School.

Please contact the Foundation administrator, Maittee Grana-O’Connor at 863-686-6415 for information on this scholarship, as well as opportunities to continue this legacy of improving our school.

May God continue blessing our success and blessings to each family!