Clubs/After School Activities


Cub Scouts (off Campus)

Boy Scouts (off Campus)

Girl Scouts

Girls in grades K-8 are able to join one of the groups below. The girl scouts meet once a week in the evening at the academy.

  • Daisies (K-1st Grade)
  • Brownies (2nd-3rd Grade)
  • Juniors (4th-5th Grade)
  • Cadettes (6th-8th Grade)

SJA Music Groups

Singing Falcons club, piano lessons, guitar lessons and ukulele lessons are offered through our SJA Music Programs.  Visit their website here

Cherub Choir ( 1st & 2nd Grade)

A ministry of St. Joseph’s Church. The Cherubs sing before the 10:30 Sunday mass once a month.

Music-Makers Choir

A ministry of St. Joseph’s Church. The Music Makers provide the music for the 10:30 mass on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th Sundays of the month. They also sing on Christmas Eve and they have sung for a funeral and wedding and other special events. Music Makers are for 3rd-8th graders from the academy and parish.

Safety Patrol (5th – 8th Grade)

Students are responsible before school for drop-off and after school for pick-up.

Performing Arts (Middle School)

The middle school students that choose music for the second trimester can tryout and participate in a musical performed in the spring.

Science Fair (Middle School)

The students all compete at a school level. The winners that place in the school science fair progress to the County Science Fair and have the opportunity to go to State.

Geography Bee


National Elementary Honor Society

National Junior Honor Society