Dress Code

_P0J0083School Uniform


The Academy uniform has been a traditional sign of a Catholic school student. The uniform policy is established to develop an image of pride and school spirit among students, as well as to give the students an identity as members of St. Joseph’s student body. In addition, uniforms tend to place all students on an equal footing regardless of socio-economic backgrounds.

Uniform components (skirts, skorts, jumpers, blouses, and shirts) must be purchased through our uniform supplier. Please label all clothing so that it can be returned if misplaced. All students must be in uniform every day.

Uniform Supplier

Risse Brothers
2525 Drane Field Rd. Suite 11
Lakeland, FL 33811

There will be out-of-uniform days (NUT or No Uniform Today days) which will be announced during the course of the school year (a dress code for such days is included in this section). The administration reserves the right to request a change of clothing for inappropriate dress on days that students are permitted to dress out of uniform. If there is a time when the prescribed uniform cannot for some legitimate reason be worn, a note from the parent/guardian must be written to the principal. Students who are out of uniform without this excuse will be sent to the office and the parent will be called to bring the proper clothing. There is a special uniform for Physical Education classes, also to be purchased through Risse Brothers.
Physical Education Uniform: Navy PE shorts, PE uniform shirt, sneakers with socks. The Effort grade on the report card will be affected for students who fail to dress in the required PE uniform.

General Uniform Guidelines

  • Solid navy blue or khaki/tan shorts or pants with belt loops. Cargo style shorts or pants are not permitted.
  • Solid royal blue knit uniform shirt with collar. MUST have school logo
  • Solid white or black socks must be worn. They may be “no show” socks, and should NOT have a logo or secondary color.
  • Solid white or black sneakers/athletic style shoes are to be worn with laces matching the color of the shoes. High top shoes are not permitted, unless a medical condition requires them.  In such an instance a doctor’s note is required.
  • Solid navy sweater
  • Long sleeve polo with school logo
  • Only one necklace, one watch, and one bracelet may be worn at a time.
  • A solid white t-shirt may be worn under the uniform shirt. The sleeves cannot extend beyond the uniform sleeve.  PE uniforms should NOT be worn under the regular uniform on PE days.
  • A solid, plain navy, brown or black belt must be worn with all uniform shorts and pants for students in third to eighth grade. Belts must be placed through the belt loops and be visible.  No large buckles or metal decorations are allowed.
  • All shirts must be tucked in and the belt visible.
  • Sweatshirts, sweaters, and hoodies may only be worn from November 1-March 1.
  • Scout Uniforms – Students may wear the scout uniforms on meeting days.
  • Sports team uniforms tops may be worn on game days. Students not participating or on academic probation must wear their school uniform.


Girls’ Uniform Guidelines

  • Plaid skort or Plaid skirt. Short length may not be shorter than 3” above the bend of the knee (back of the leg). Skirt length may not be shorter than 3” above the bend of the knee (back of the leg)
  • Girls are to wear a skirt on Wednesday for school Mass. Skorts and shorts are not permitted to be worn by girls on Mass days.
  • Navy or white tights may be worn in the colder months under skorts or skirts. Leggings and yoga pants are not permitted.
  • No radical hairstyles or hair colors are permitted. No highlights or alterations to natural hair color are allowed.  No elaborate hair decorations are allowed.
  • No head coverings, sweat headbands, armbands, or warm-up jackets, etc. are allowed.
  • Girls may wear one post earring per ear lobe, which cannot be larger than a dime. For safety reasons, hoop or dangle earrings may not be worn.
  • No makeup of any kind may be worn.
  • No ankle bracelets may be worn
  • If nail polish is worn, all fingernails must be one color. Accent nails, designs, and dark polish cannot be worn.  Additionally, nails must be natural.  No acrylic or fake nails are permitted.

Boys’ Uniform Guidelines

  • Boys may not wear earrings.
  • Boys’ hair must be above the brow, not past the mid-point of the ear, and cannot touch the shirt collar. Additionally, no designs, lines, or Mohawk-type styles are permitted.  This includes buzz cut sides and long top, center pieces.
  • Boys must be clean shaven. Sideburns cannot be below the mid-section of the ear.


Winter Uniforms

Students can only wear St. Joseph Academy sweatshirts or sweaters in the classroom.  Long sleeve polos are available to purchase but not mandatory.  Students (boys and girls) can wear uniform pants on cold days (below 45 degrees), even to Mass.  Unless the student has PE on a cold day they cannot wear sweatpants (except PreK 3 & 4) instead of the school uniform.  Middle school students NEVER wear PE sweats in place of uniform clothes even on PE days.  If wearing a t-shirt under the uniform shirt it must be solid WHITE.  The sleeves of the undershirt may extend beyond the uniform sleeve.    Jackets, coats, hats, scarves, and gloves are outer wear and are not worn inside the classroom.