Volunteer Information

Volunteer Service

Thank you for entrusting your children to us each school day. We are truly privileged to partner with you in providing the foundation your children will need to become successful and productive adults.

St. Joseph Academy relies on our parents to volunteer for special events and also day-to-day activities of school. Volunteer opportunities include the lunch room, after-school sports and clubs, field trips, classroom activities, media center and fundraising activities. If you have a special talent or skill that can be an asset to SJA, please contact the PTO president at sjaptopresident@gmail.com.

Every SJA family is required to complete a minimum of 20 volunteer hours each school year. Families receiving assistance must complete an additional 10 hours of service.

We are a family here at St. Joseph Academy. Through the efforts of our dedicated parents, we are able to provide a quality, nurturing learning environment inside and outside the classroom. Thank you for your commitment to St. Joseph Academy!

Fingerprinting and Safe Environment Training

The Diocese of Orlando requires each school volunteer to be fingerprinted and to undergo a background check. This process must be completed before the parent/adult may accompany the students as a chaperone or volunteer in any capacity at SJA that involves contact with children. All volunteers must be re-fingerprinted every 5 years.





  1. You must first register by providing a unique email address, watch a video, take a quiz, print and save a certificate to show that the quiz has been passed. Then they proceed to register for fingerprinting – there are no changes to the fingerprinting process.
  2. Some of the steps for the online Safe Environment Training are now different. It is important to read all the directions carefully and follows the steps. There is now a profile page to edit and update your email address.
  3. There is now a status box that shows that you have completed the online Safe Environment Training course and allows you to print your certificate whenever you log in.
  4. You can reset your password if you don’t remember it. However, you *must* know your email address. It must be a unique email address – it cannot be shared.

1)   Go to the internet and type in:  www.orlandodiocese.org.

2)   Click on the Safe Environment box on the right hand side.   Choose English or


*If you have been previously fingerprinted and cleared, and your clearance has expired, you must still take the Safe Environment Training to be cleared again.

3)   Click on Register and Begin Safe Environment Training.

4)   Fill in the boxes for First Name, Last Name, email address, user name, password,           verify password, last 4 digits of your Social Security Number, and enter St. Joseph School- Lakeland for the school.  Write down your user name and password as you will use it again in the process.

5)   Click on the Register box.

6)   Watch the video.

7)   Click on the arrow on the lower corner of the screen to see the first question and        to begin the test.  One question will appear at a time.  Click on the arrow button again to see the next question.

8)   Once you have passed the Safe Environment Training quiz you will get a “Quiz            Message” on your screen.


 The Fieldprint, Inc. registration site is posted on the Diocesan website at                                 www.orlandodiocese.org.

An account for SJA/St. Joseph School – Lakeland, has now been set up. The website to register for fingerprinting is: FieldprintFlorida.com. The customer service staff is available to assist applicants if needed. They can be reached at: (877) 614-4364 or via email at CustomerService@fieldprint.com

Each location has been issued its own specific set of codes that must be used for registration purposes. The codes for SJA /St. Joseph School – Lakeland are:

  • Volunteers – FPSJLSchoolVol
  • Employees – FPSJLSchoolEmp
  • Vendors – FPSJLSchoolVendor  – For Contractors
  • Be very careful to select the correct Applicant Type (Volunteer, Employee, Vendor) as this cannot be changed after the registration has been completed.
  • You can be anywhere in the U.S. and get fingerprinted for us, even in Alaska, just go to the FieldprintFlorida.com website and use the correct school code for either volunteer, employee or vendor.

 After completing the Safe Environment Training, follow the instructions under Step 2 on our website:

  1. Fingerprint Registration

Attention All Applicants – Please open this document to obtain your Fieldprint Code, which is required for registration purposes. Follow this link to register for fingerprinting: www.Fieldprintflorida.com.

Once the www.FieldprintFlorida.com site opens, click on the purple box:  Schedule an Appointment 

Next, they will enter their email under the New User/Sign Up box on the left. Please note that the username and password used for the Safe Environment will NOT be the same for this. It is a completely separate registration. Everyone will need to sign up as a new user in order to schedule a fingerprinting appointment. If needed, the applicant would be able to log back in to reschedule an appointment to avoid a missed appointment fee.

On the next page, click on the “I know my Fieldprint Code” link outlined in red. Please do NOT use the dropdown.

Fees for Fingerprint Processing

Volunteers $44.00

Employees – $51.25

*$12.50 Extra Fee for rescheduling/missing appointment

Clearance of fingerprints can take 2 days to 2 weeks or possibly longer.

Fingerprinting registrations will not work on an iPad or smartphone.  You must use a personal computer.  If you experience technical issues while registering, please contact Field Print Inc. at 877-614-4364.